PCI Express x16 Hot Swap Extender Card

PCI Express Hot Swap Extender Card

  • Hot Insertion Capable via Slot Power Switch, or live insertion software (saves and restores PCIe card configuration space for quick board swapping without system shutdown or reboot
  • Lubricated x16 top connector enables thousands of insertions
  • Allows Testing of x16, x8, x4, x2, and x1 cards
  • Controlled-Impedance traces for all high-speed signals
  • Current reporting on +12, +3.3, +3.3 AUX supplies
  • LEDs indicate presence of +12V and +3.3V power.
  • Overload protect on +12, +3.3V, and +3.3AUX supplies. 
  • Supports PCIe Gen 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, 1.0


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