HE3610 - 3U cPCI Active Extender

HE3610 - 3U cPCI Active Extender

  • 32-bit bridge (33 MHz)
  • 3U, 4 HP installation width (depth up to 220 mm)
  • Test specimen can be plugged in simultaneously with direct PCI connector
  • Guided insertion of test specimens from 3 sides
  • Rear I/O connector present in 2 slots Measurement and testing of CompactPCI assemblies in the 3 U Euro-board format is greatly facilitated by the use of these test adapters.
  • Optimal access to the test specimen is guaranteed because the adapter has plug-in connection on 3 sides.

The test specimen is securely held by the front and lateral guides.

The modern BRIDGE design permits up to 3 CompactPCI cards and one standard PCI card to be inserted in one CompactPCI slot.

This allows system developers to implement a large number of tests with little effort while having access to the large number of PCI boards available worldwide.

This test adapter can be easily used even in systems with overlength CPCI cards (depth up to 220 mm).

The complete Windows support provided by this product facilitates fast system integration. Additional drivers are not needed. The PCI devices are detected by a standard PCI BIOS with BIOS extension.



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